NELA Farmers worry about Harvest Season

Courtesy: KNOE
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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) With the historic March flooding and the constant rainfall we've received this month; it has some farmers worried about harvest season.

Local farmer Gary Mathes said this summer compared to last year has been different.

Last year we were in a drought for a period of time and this year we've had a lot of rainfall.

Mathes said if he had to choose dry or wet weather he'd go with drier, because most farmers can handle it better.

He said ever since the March flooding many in NELA got their crop in late during growing season; and it cost them extra money because many had to buy extra fertilizer.

Mathes said now harvest season is here and the excessive rainfall it's starting to impact crops; especially corn and beans.

He said farmers can't get their crops out.
He said the area has also had a lot of wind storms knocking his corn crops down causing his crop to sprout wrong.

He said when the corn sprouts he can't use it and is hoping for drier temperatures in the upcoming weeks.