NE Delta HSA chooses top entry of student-produced public service announcements

Courtesy: Northeast Delta HSA
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MONROE, La. (Press Release) - Northeast Delta Human Services Authority (NE Delta HSA), which directs the operation of community-based services for citizens with mental health issues, addictive disorders, developmental disabilities and prevention services, announced today that it chose Richwood Middle School's public service announcement (PSA) as the top entry.

NE Delta HSA awarded mini-grant funding to Wossman High School and Richwood Middle School in March to produce PSAs that promote healthy behaviors among youth. The student-produced PSAs support youth awareness around serious problems and health risks associated with underage alcohol, tobacco and prescription drug use, along with the impact of suicide, bullying, cyberbullying and general violence.

"We are working closely with youth throughout our region and we understand the challenges they face. We are proud of the students' creative work on these PSAs," said Dr. Monteic A. Sizer, NE Delta HSA Executive Director. "Working together, we can help mitigate negative behaviors and bring greater awareness to serious issues that teens face every day."

"We are excited to have Northeast Delta Human Services Authority as a partner to help promote drug and alcohol awareness and bullying prevention for our community," said Mr. Justin Overacker, Richwood Middle School Principal. "We believe that these collaborative efforts will create a safer and more productive environment for our students and for society in the future."

The NE Delta HSA mini-grants are administered in partnership with the Louisiana Office of Behavioral Health from federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - Center for Substance Abuse and Prevention (SAMHSA - CSAP) Partnership Grant funds.

NE Delta HSA is running the top PSA on regional television stations through June. All of the student-produced PSAs can be viewed on the NE Delta HSA YouTube channel. Click on the links below to view them:

Richwood Middle School JAG PSA:
Wossman Speech Class PSA:
Wossman JAG Class PSA:

The mini-grants are one facet of the NE Delta HSA Opportunity Zone initiative, which works to engage the south Monroe community to realize positive health outcomes. The NE Delta HSA Opportunity Zone grew out of the agency's faith-based mental health community summits, and the initiative works to engage the south Monroe community toward positive health outcomes. It is one of several NE Delta HSA-initiated regional coalitions that are designed to transform communities and reduce mental health and addiction prevalence, improve primary healthcare outcomes, reduce crime rates, enhance academic performance, equip faith and community leaders and establish and support public policies.

"We will continue to support healthy behaviors for students regionwide, and also in the south Monroe Opportunity Zone," said Dr. Sizer. "Together, we will reinforce that alcohol use, substance abuse, violence and bullying can be reduced. We will continue to model actions that will contribute to a healthy future for our youth."

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