Mother of four prefers home schooling vs. public schools

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - There's several reasons why Kelly Flores decided to home school her children, but at the end of the day, she says it's whats best for her family.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

"Everybody's got to weigh the pros and cons for themselves and for a lot of families, public school is the best option for them and for some families home school is the best option," says Flores.

Flores says when it comes to education, home schooling is the way to go.

"It has its good days and bad days, some days are easy, some days are hard," says Flores.

But she says, everyday is worth it. For seven years she taught
in the public school system, and there, she witnessed a lot.

"You know, there's some things that are not appropriate out there
that your kids can be exposed to and we don't really have that here," says Flores.

But something they do have are options. Since Flores' kids are working from home, they're not locked into one curriculum and if they don't understand something, there's no rush for them to get it right.

None of Flores' kids has ever been to public school and neither of them has a desire to go.

"We have the freedom to do almost everything we want," says Mera Flores, eleven years old. "You still have to do school, but you don't have to do it in thirty minutes, you can do it at your pace and I think that's really good for me."

Mera says working from home has its perks, but she and her siblings admit, it isn't easy.

"The distractions, like my phone or when mom is working with someone else, I get distracted," says Mera.

"It's having to be around my siblings all day," says Piper Flores.

"I mean you do kind of get sick of your siblings a lot," says Clark Flores.

"They can be a challenge," says Holden Flores.

"Yea, they're annoying," says Piper Flores.

Each of Kelly's children are involved at Strauss Youth Academy for the Arts and can be found there when they're not at home.

Meanwhile, Kelly no longer works for the public school system, but in her spare time, she teaches drama at SYAA.