Morehouse Parish School Board members calls out some bus drivers for not doing their job

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MOREHOUSE PARISH, La. (KNOE) - Members of the Morehouse Parish School Board held bus drivers accountable for not following school board policy during a meeting Tuesday night. School Board member Rose Thompson two buses were involved in a wreck while they were taking Bastrop High School football players to New Orleans for their championship game last month.

Parents and school board members say they were never notified. Once members got word of it, they were outraged.

"You were supposed to pull the bus over, call the police over make a report and take the kids to the hospital. It wasn't done," Thompson said.

It happened Nov. 13th, and some parents say they only learned about it from their children and other parents days later.

"Just let the parents know that our kids were involved in an accident-if we wanted to take our kids to check that they were fine. Just let us know," one parent, who wished to stay anonymous, said.

One football player who was on the bus said it wasn't that bad. Kyrese Lawrence said one bus rear-ended another Morehouse Parish bus with his teammates on it while they were traveling on the interstate and decided not to pull over.

"Nobody took it seriously. Everybody woke up, and it got quiet for a minute," Lawrence said.

But, Thompson said it's very serious.

"By being in New Orleans around traffic time, they say they didn't have time to pull over, but you can pull over anywhere," Thompson said.

Sheriff Mike Tubbs said a deputy was traveling with the group, was behind the two buses that collided.

Tubbs said the deputy couldn't make a report because it was out of his jurisdiction. He also says one of the drivers reported the accident to his supervisor.

We reached out to the supervisor to confirm that, but he referred us to the acting superintendent who only confirmed that it happened and said, "The incident was fully investigated and appropriate actions were taken."

It's not clear what that means, but Thompson is making one thing clear.

"It won't happen again. I'll tell you like that."

Thompson said the drivers who didn't do their job were taken care of. We weren't told what that means. The acting superintendent said that information is confidential.