Morehouse parish residents upset about people driving through flooded roads

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MOREHOUSE PARISH, La. (KNOE)- People in Morehouse parish say they are fed up with drivers moving road barricades.

Last week’s heavy rain caused flooding on LA-140/Old Bonita Road.

The Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office closed the road, but people living in homes nearby say people are still driving through.

“The disrespect they have for people in this neighborhood and the law is just ridiculous,” said resident Gary Del Rio.

He says he lost everything in the 2016 flood and he worries about the same thing happening again.

“It’s unreal. I never thought I’d see it rain this much in one season,” said Del Rio.

With floodwater still on the closed road in front of his house, Del Rio says cars driving through push the water closer to his home.

“I had a guy get smart with me the other day. He said ‘well is your house flooded’. I said no but it has before,” said Del Rio.

Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs says drivers moving the barricades are common and now they are posting patrolmen to keep offenders away, but it is hardly any help.

“We’re there 90% of the time but as soon as we leave, they move them. We’ll actually write tickets for going around the LA-140 barricade,” said Tubbs.

Sheriff Tubbs says the flooding on LA-140 is expected to recede in the next couple days.

Fines for moving road barricades can be up to $500.