Morehouse Parish woman attacked by two pit bulls

MOREHOUSE PARISH, La. (KNOE) - A Morehouse Parish woman is recovering after she was attacked by two pit bulls this week.

A Morehouse Parish woman is recovering after she was attacked by two pit bulls this week. (Source: KNOE)

According to a post from Vicky Gregory’s Facebook page, she was taking a trash can to the road for pick up at her dad’s house on Monday when two pit bulls came out of the bushes and attacked her.

“These two dogs came out of nowhere and both her legs are ate up, and she’s at Morehouse General Hospital right now,” said Emma Vancoevering, a family friend of Gregory.

Sheriff Mike Tubbs says the dogs were placed under a 10-day quarantine, and the two will be vetted by the Parish Health Officer. The owners were also issued a court summons for the attack.

The sheriff says he’s aware of at least one other recorded incident involving one of the pit bulls from two months ago.

What has one family friend concerned is that Gregory is the second close friend attacked by pit bulls in recent months.

“Both my friends had the immediate reaction of, ‘I thought I was going to die, it scared me to death,’” said Vancoevering.

Emma Vancoevering is now urging for pet owners to be more cautious with their dogs so nobody else has to get hurt, especially kids.

“In a worst case scenario, if a child dies from an attack, what happens then? People say we can put the dog down then, well that’s too late. If you have to bury that child, then that’s too late.”

A concern she has with even she’s out with her own children.

“We ride bikes in this town, we take walks in this town, and I’m afraid if a dog came out and attacked them would I be able to pull them off the child,” said Vancouvering.

The concerned friend issuing this final plea to pet owners across the parish, and the surrounding areas.

“I don’t care what breed it is. Be responsible, pin your dog up, lock it up, check on it often, make sure it’s fed and make sure it doesn’t have a reason to run out to the guy with groceries or the lady that’s in the yard checking on her dad,” said Vancouvering.

The Sheriff’s Department will continue the investigation based on the parish’s dangerous dog law.