Morehouse Parish parents accuse school bus driver of bullying, speeding

MOREHOUSE PARISH, La. (KNOE) - Multiple parents in Morehouse Parish are accusing a school bus driver of reckless driving and bullying their children.

KNOE has not named the driver of the bus because an investigation has not been conducted at this time. Source: (KNOE)

Tonyia Wilder has two children that ride the bus. She said the behavior has been happening for months now.

"He comes home in tears the way he's hollered at and talked to, the way he sees his brother being talked to, and fussed at and there’s no sense in it," she said.

Wilder isn’t the only one speaking up, her neighbor Sarah Milliren said she’s had similar concerns and even had her daughter switch buses.

"She has epilepsy and he told her she couldn't ride because if she had a seizure she would have to sit there and die, and that's my concern,” Milliren said, “You're a bus driver you're supposed to keep our kids safe. No matter their conditions or not."

Tracy Murphy also lives in the neighborhood, she said she’s even seen the driver speeding.

"You shouldn't be driving like that with kids on here, and I understand [there are] potholes but you shouldn't be driving that fast with children on there," Murphy said.

Wilder said she has tried talking to the school bus driver and was unsuccessful. Her oldest son Chase Gaines said he spoke up about the driver allegedly bullying a special needs child.

"He called me a snitch for telling that the little girl got bullied by him," Gaines said.

KNOE spoke to Morehouse Parish School Board’s child welfare and attendance supervisor Ralph Davenport who said Wilder will need to fill out a written formal complaint. From there the accusations can be investigated.

Wilder spoke to MPSB’s transportation director who also instructed her to fill out a formal complaint form.

Wilder said she wants the driver to be held accountable and plans to turn in a formal complaint. She said she will be removing her children from the bus starting next week.

KNOE has not named the driver of the bus because an investigation has not been conducted at this time.

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