Morehouse Parish family loses everything in severe storm

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OAK RIDGE, La.- (KNOE)- A family in Oak Ridge lost everything after Saturday's storms destroyed their home.

“I heard the wrath of the tornado itself, and it just buckled,” said Herbert Williams. Williams says losing his home was like something out of a horror movie.

He says early Saturday morning while he and his girlfriend Crystal Herron were in bed, they heard a loud crash. The storm woke the family, and Crystal Herron says nothing could have prepared her for what happened next.

“AaLaysia she was screaming mommy help, and I was just trapped in the room,” said Herron. Her two daughters Aalaysia and LaZaria were trapped after a tree fell into their bedroom and blocked them off from their parents. “I really thought we probably all was gonna die in that house,” Herron said. The tree fell directly into the sisters’ room and pinned by her Aalaysia on her chest. “I was still sleeping, and then the tree had fallen on top of me and had felt it when it did, but I was still sleeping,” said AaLaysia. Eventually, the two sisters were able to claw their way out through the hole and reunite with their family.

The owner of the home, Viola Davis was at work when the storm hit. She sped home as soon as she got word. “When I saw how bad it was. That’s when I lost it,” Davis said.

The family escaped with only scrapes and bruises, but say the storm destroyed everything. Nevertheless, Williams says it’s a miracle everyone survived. “The good Lord blessed me to have ‘em, and I’m blessed to be sitting here looking at ‘em,” Said Williams.

The family is staying with relatives while they figure out the next step.
They set up a go fund me account to buy supplies.