Morehouse Parish declares state of emergency after severe storms

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BASTROP, La. (KNOE) - Morehouse Parish declared a state of emergency due to flooding from Saturday's storm. Residents say some houses and roads are still taking on water.

“We panic you kind of have this sense of dread that our house is going to flood again," said resident Debbie Rogers. "You have the fear that you are going to lose so much."

With major roads closed due to flood water, Rogers and other Bastrop residents are taking on a whole new set of problems.

Rogers said she fears if the water flows onto the streets any further, it could cause a major obstacle.

“I'm kind of cut off from the City of Bastrop and there is no way I can get to work."

Sheriff Mike Tubbs took KNOE on a ride around the city to see just how bad the roads were.

"Especially after a 2,3,4 inches rain, Cain road will go under," said Tubbs.

He says Morehouse Police Department will do everything they can to keep drivers safe while they wait for the roads to clear up.

"We do monitor them, we do patrol them and, we do issue citations for those who try to go around the barrier," said Tubbs.

Tubbs said he doesn't know when the state of emergency will be lifted, but wants everyone affected by the storm to reach out for help.

"If homeowners feel like there is some type of emergency, they are always good to call our office,” said Tubbs.

Sandbags will be handed out to residents at the Morehouse Parish Highway Department on Highway 165.