Morehouse Parish Black Farmers and Landowners Association Field Day

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BONITA, La - (KNOE) The Morehouse Parish Black Farmers and Landowners Field days starts at Odis Hill’s cornfield. They load up on hay bale covered tractor-trailers and head straight to the fields.

LSU AgCenter Corn and Cotton Specialist, Dan Fromme, talks to the Morehouse Parish Black Farmers and Landowners Field Day attendees in Bonita, La.

LSU AgCenter’s Corn and Cotton Specialist Dan Fromme gives an update on how new varieties are being tested. For Odis Hill this annual event is about networking and sharing valuable information.

”We felt like we needed to organize and come together cause we can’t sit at the table and come socialize cause we can’t sit at the coffee shop and talk every day. so we feel like we need to come together. And the information we have among each other we need to share it among each other,” said Odis Hill, Southern University AgCenter and Morehouse Parish Black Farmers and Landowners Association.

There was also a presentation on a crop that’s not even grown in Louisiana. Yet. Art Walker is president of the Louisiana Hemp Alliance.
3:05 “As we ramp ourselves up to get into this issue to get into this business. More and more the machinery kinds of folk are developing specific equipment for hemp cause hemp is kind of unique,” said Art Walker, President of La. Hemp Alliance.

The field day also featured a demonstration on Aeroponics. A unique above ground growing system similar to aquaponics. It’s an air or mist environment without the use of soil.

Knowledge on different topics as well as partnerships between the LSU and Southern University AgCenters and the National Black Growers Council make this event a literal field day for growers in northeast Louisiana.

They get the information from research and development directly into the hands of the farmers. Where they can look into new technology. New techniques,” said La. Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Mike Strain.