Monroe tattoo shop is helping people with depression

MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A Monroe tattoo shop is taking a stand against suicide and depression. All week, the Cold Desert tattoo shop in Monroe is offering semi colon tattoos to support people battling depression.

Many of the people at the tattoo shop on Tuesday say they’ve struggled with depression.

Martin Diaz says he battles PTSD and depression after serving time in the army.

“You feel like your chest is pounding,” he said. “You feel like an elephant is just sitting there and everything is quiet and dark.” He says he’s had suicidal thoughts.

That’s why he got a tattoo today. It says, “IGY6.” It stands for “I got your six,” which is an army phrase meaning “I got your back.”

Diaz says it’s for everyone battling depression, like Eleigha Dozier, who says she’s struggled with it since high school.

Diaz and Dozier are just two of the many people who are taking part in Project Semicolon. For people with depression, the semicolon symbolizes a pause in someone’s life instead of an end because the story of life will go on.

Diaz says depression is something you have to fight to beat every day.

“You have to find that one thing that pushes you to continue to fight,” he said. “For me it’s that I don’t want my kids to ever grow up without a father.”

Cold Desert is offering the semicolon tattoos for just 20 dollars. That money will go to Our Home.

For more information, you can visit the event's Facebook page.