Monroe opens sandbag locations in preparation for severe weather

MONROE, La. (KNOE) - With the threat of severe weather moving in, Monroe is making sure people are equipped to remain safe.

If you combine the rain last week with this week's potential threat, the city is looking at around 9 inches of rain within a week. That number is scary to some residents.

"It did get up pretty high this past weekend. The water got up into the garage, got into the doorway, didn't get into the house but it gave us enough scare that I'm here today getting some sandbags," said Jill Adams.

So the city is playing it safe and offering free sandbags.

Those four locations are Saul Alder Recreation Center, Marbles Recreation Center, Emily P. Robinson Recreation Center and Benoit Recreation Center. Several people were picking up sandbags for their loved ones, like the Marshall Brothers. These two men picked up the 25 bag maximum to lay outside their mom's home.

"When the rain is severe like we had a couple years ago and like we've had recently, it can get up to the stoop as you're entering the house but what we want to do is prevent it from that point," said Robert Earl Marshall.

Others, like Jill Adams, are using their storm experience to stay ahead of the game.

"The last flood we did get a lot of water in the garage, literally almost into the house. And we've been using those sandbags that we got the last flood but they've worn out. And now I had to come replace them with some new bags," said Adams.

People also shared their appreciation for city leaders for providing them with the necessary storm tools.

"In many cases, we can do the work ourselves. We just need the resources," said Marshall.

Public Works will provide shovels and bags for residents to fill their own bags. The maximum limit is 25 bags.