Monroe neighborhood prepares for severe weather

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - This weekend northeast Louisiana is bracing itself with the threat of severe weather, including tornadoes and strong wind.

Residents of a Monroe neighborhood are finding creative ways to keep floodwater from damaging their homes.

"I am too old to have to do this anymore”, Lynda McGehee said.

Residents said having their homes on Country Club Road between a Bayou and a river attributes to flooding when there is heavy rain.

Residents also said the drainage system backs up when the area experiences extreme weather.

This causes flooding on the streets, driveways, and lawns. McGehee said she had to pay $1500 in repairs the last time sewage water reached her house and caused severe water damage.

“It is so frustrating to have worked on it so many years and to not have had anything done," said McGehee.

She is now resorting to creative ways to keep the water from entering her home.

“I have recently discovered that the best way is to keep this from happening to pull up this wonderful-looking poly pipe," said McGehee.

McGehee ties the pipe to two chairs and fills the plastic tubing with water. This makes a barrier like sandbags, blocking water from entering the front of her home.

"I look at the rain every day, that's on part of my radar is to look at radar every day to see when I have to put this up,” said McGehee.

She also uses a pump to move the water from the back yard to the front.

McGehee said she hopes to survive the approaching storm with no damage to her home.