UPDATE: Monroe man accused of raping 3-year-old now charged with intentional exposure to AIDS virus

Levon Jennings | Photo: OPSO
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - UPDATED 4/23/18:

A Monroe man accused of rape is now facing one count of intentional exposure to AIDS virus.

According to court records, the new charge comes from a separate investigation, unrelated to the rape accusation.

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Records from the Ouachita Parish Health Unit show Jennings tested positive for HIV in 2013 and was notified of the results. The arrest warrant says Jennings denied any knowledge of being HIV positive.

Bond for Jennings is now set at $750,000.

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A Monroe man is charged with rape after investigators say he took advantage of a three-year-old girl.

In addition to being charged with first-degree rape, Levon Jennings is also charged with oral sexual battery. Court records indicate the three-year-old told her mother that Jennings did something "ugly" to her while the girl's mother was away from the home for about one hour. Investigators say the girl described being inappropriately touched on several areas of her body by the 25-year-old man.

Bond for Jennings is set at $600,000.