Monroe Ranks As a Poor City According to a Report

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A new report ranks Monroe as one of the poorest cities in the country.

The Census Bureau puts Monroe at #6.

The study is based on median household income. It's also high unemployment, low property values, and low educational attainment.

Forty two metro areas with household incomes below $45,000 thousand were surveyed. Monroe's median household income was just over $39,000.

The city's unemployment rate was 5.5%.

It also found only 21% of Monroe residents have at least a bachelor's degree.

Hammond, Alexandria, and Shreveport-Bossier City were also on the list.

Despite all this, so far this year Louisiana residents have seen personal income go up nearly 6%. The governor's office says that's a positive sign.

"We have more people working right now than ever before. Our unemployment rate since Governor Edwards has taken office has gone from 6.2% down to 5% by last month. There are more people working, they're bringing more home in their paychecks, and I think it's just a sign that Louisiana is coming out of this recession it's been in so long," said Richard Carbo, Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor John Bel Edwards.

Louisiana's personal growth outranks other states except for Texas.

Carbo also says the recent $300 million surplus Louisiana gained from the previous fiscal year also shows signs of economic improvement.

That factors into the job growth also seen.