Monroe Police investigating string of burglaries

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News
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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) - Monroe Police are putting extra feet on the ground in North Monroe.

This, after neighbors say 29 cars were broken into in the past 48 hours.

Police have confirmed five burglarized, three on Broadmoor Drive, one on Marquette Street, and one on Stuart Avenue. Crime analysts are also reviewing crime statistics from the past 48 hours.

Police say they're putting the extra patrol out in North Monroe to try and catch those responsible for the others reported by neighbors.

But, Reggie Brown says trying to stop burglaries as a whole is very difficult.

"We always want to say we can stop burglaries," Brown said. "But, we've been dealing with this since the inception of law enforcement back in the 1800s. It's never going to stop. But, our job is to either prevent it, contain it, or arrest the individuals after it occurs. So that is what we do."