Monroe Police investigating home break-in

MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A home invasion has police looking for suspects.

Monroe Police say they’re investigating a robbery that occurred on Georgia St. in Monroe Saturday night.

Wilson says around 10:30 p.m. someone he didn’t know knocked on his door, but left after a minute. He says shortly after the man left, he heard a bang.

"My alarm system had woken me up and said 'back door,' and I immediately got up and approached the room where the noise was coming from,” says Carlos Wilson, the homeowner.

Wilson says he checked near his back door, but didn’t see anything, so he looked at the security footage and realized his security camera was disconnected.

"And, I was hearing a lot of scuffle and I immediately went to my keypad and hit the panic button and notified the police,” says Wilson. “The minute I did that the gentleman came out the room and approached me with a gun."

"This guy had me to go down on my knees with my hands behind my back,” says Wilson, "after he told me that he went into my bedroom and then started ransacking my bedroom."

Wilson says four men rushed into his home, and says the man who rang his doorbell earlier was one of the men who burglarized his home.

He says the men took his phone and wallet, along with his roommate’s phone.

"It’s unreal, it's just unreal for somebody to violate you in your own home and that bold to knock your door down,” says Wilson. "Phone, but more than that, Wilson says they took his sense of security.

He says he’s lived in his home for four years now and says he never thought anything like this would happen.

“And once I realized what was existing and what was happening and what was going on... I felt helpless," he said.

Monroe police say they're investigating the robbery, but say no arrests have been made yet.