Monroe Man Helping Address Sagging Pants One Belt at at Time

Published: Sep. 17, 2018 at 10:38 PM CDT
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One Monroe man is making it his mission to end what he says is a recurring problem.

Tyrone Dickens, better known as K-9 in Monroe, is collecting belts so young men don't have saggy pants.

K-9 started this idea a year ago with support from several sponsors, including State Representative Katrina Jackson.

He says it's a simple change that goes a long way for young men in Monroe.

"I felt like it was needed."

K-9 is trying to solve a common problem with an everyday item.

"Sagging is a problem now. They don't want to let you inside of stores and most cities are starting to ban them inside stores."

He's collecting belts and donating them to local schools.

The way it works: donors chip in and give the belts to K-9 himself for him to distribute.

It's something his daughter says she sees every day at school.

"They get zip ties and tie them around their pants, and if they continue to hang, they'll be suspended from school."

So about a year ago, K-9 started collecting.

The goal: make young men look more presentable.

"Start teaching the younger generation you know that you don't have to sag no more and start setting a goal for them to be able to go from elementary to middle school to high school getting prepared for college with a belt.

He says so far, so good.

"Oh, they love it."

"They wonder how I come up with the idea, but like you all, it's something I sit back and do naturally sick back now and see how I can help the community."

K-9 says he's collecting belts until the end of this month.