Monroe City School Board member concerned over faded crosswalks

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) Monroe City School Board member Jennifer Haneline said she was concerned over faded school crosswalks in the city.

Monroe City School Board member Jennifer Haneline said she was concerned over faded school crosswalks in the city. Source: (KNOE)

"I felt like this is something that we really shouldn't be neglecting, these crosswalks that are used by students to get to school," she said.

She used the crosswalk at the intersection of Park Avenue and Good Shephard Lane as an example.

"There's a sign going one direction and not the other, and the crosswalk lines can't even be seen, and the street lines have faded away," she said.

Haneline said she's reached out to the city for months to address the issue, but she never heard back.

"I don't want the city to wait for a tragedy to happen to fix this. It seems like paint and signs should be something that would have been jumped on four months ago, and not being waited on and then given rhetoric about," she said.

Jill Moak said she works at the St. Paul's United Methodist Church, and she walks children across the street from Lexington Elementary every day for their afterschool program. She said restriping and more signage could help reduce some of the dangerous situations they've dealt with in the past.

"We've had two different instances this year where the children were crossing, we were in the process of getting them across the street and cars have sped through, and luckily no one was hurt," she said.

In a statement, city engineer Kim Golden said the "slow school zone" symbol and the crosswalk near the intersection of Park Avenue and Good Shephard Lane need to be replaced. She said they're included in an upcoming annual citywide restriping project. She said they're expecting to receive a set of plans for review in early March.

Doug Harvey represents the area on the Monroe City Council. He said this is something that needs to be a priority.

"We've heard of some near misses. We obviously had the tragic accident earlier this year that wasn't too far from one of our schools, and this just has to be a priority. And we can probably ask ourselves, are we doing enough even from that standpoint." he said.

According to Golden, they're also re-evaluating crossing and school zone markings for other schools in the area to be included in the upcoming project as needed. That list, as well as Golden's full statement, can be found below:

“We are not aware of anyone speaking directly with Ms. Haneline. However, Project Manager Arthur Holland has from time to time had conversations with Mr. Charles Monroe at Monroe City Schools about our routine practice that when we do a striping project in an area we include the crosswalks, school zone markings and that we routinely replace any signs that are missing or degraded when discovered. Arthur’s conversations with Mr. Monroe were not specific to any complaints, just routine explaining to him the scope of our projects and our regular practices for maintaining the school zones. Yes, I confirmed the school zone and crosswalk on Lexington are in the project, and also the crosswalk near Jesus Good Shepherd. Specifically, the “slow school zone” symbol & the existing 8-inch thermoplastic crosswalk near the Park Avenue & Good Shepherd Lane intersection is accounted for on the Loop Road segment since it needs to be replaced & is near the termination of the Loop Road segment.

Based upon re-inspections this week by Traffic Engineering of all the school zones in the city, we determined seven additional locations appear to be in “fair” condition. We are having the crossings and school zone markings at the following additional school locations re-evaluated by the engineers to include in the project as needed: Carroll HS, Carroll JHS, Sallie Humble, St Fredricks, Questech Learning, Jesus Good Shepherd, and Our Lady of Fatima. All other school zones were determined to be in good condition.”