Monroe City Council approves the Oregon Trail Protective Levee Project

MONROE, La. (KNOE) Tonight Monroe City Council voted to approve the designing phase of the Oregon Trail Protective Levee Project. City engineers say the flood wall will go along the east-side of Nutland Road in the Parkview Neighborhood.

The estimated $1.5 million wall will span about 3,000 ft and start near Oregon Trail Road and go just past Perry Road. "East Parkview is protected by a pump station and a levee now," says Arthur Holland. "So we have two areas in general that we will be working on. We're still in preliminary stages."

They also approved the immediate replacement of a pump at the Oregon Trail Road Pump Station.

"In the past, we noticed where the water came up from the airport canal as well as the backwater from Youngs Bayou in the area that we call the east Parkview neighborhood," says Holland.

Neighbors in the Parkview community say this is long overdue. Dexter Hatfield says he's lived in the area for 27 years and says he's seen flooding more than once.

"Oh, yea anything will help. Awhile back a construction company put up a barrier over there and then they took it down," says Hatfield.

His house was under 2-3 feet of water during the 2016 floods, and that's why he says a permanent barrier would be great. "Because it's got a lake back over there and a big pile of water came over and flooded here. And it was like a lake over here," says Hatfield.

Now that City Council has approved the resolution, Denmon Engineering will begin the designing the project. The project is funded through FEMA's Hazard Mitigation program.