AT&T workers in Monroe join 20,000 others, go on strike

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - AT&T workers went on strike with the Communications Workers of America union on Saturday. Workers say they are part of 20,000 across nine states on strike.

AT&T workers join 20,000 others across nine states to go on strike. (Source: KNOE)

They say AT&T hasn't sent people with authority to the bargaining table to negotiate fair contracts. They have also filed an unfair labor practice lawsuit against the company with the national labor relations board.

Nathan Pilgreen is the local CWA union president. He says they don’t want to have to strike, but something must be done. "We're also customers,” Pilgreen says. “We work for AT&T, and we're also customers of AT&T.”

“So, we absolutely don't want to see anybody without service, but AT&T needs to realize they need to come to the table and start bargaining with the company and send people that can make decisions to the bargaining table, and we'll go back to work."

Pilgreen says they plan to remain on strike until the union calls them back to work.