Vote for Monroe water treatment plant expansion planned Tuesday

Tap water from sink, Photo Date: May 2012 / Photo: U.S. Air Force / (MGN)
Tap water from sink, Photo Date: May 2012 / Photo: U.S. Air Force / (MGN)
Published: Aug. 27, 2018 at 5:44 PM CDT
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The Monroe City Council is set to vote on a plan Tuesday night, updating the current water treatment plant. This will expand the plant to handle 8 million more gallons of water per day; it currently produces 12 million gallons.

A few months ago, the council voted to approve a water charge, increasing bills by a few dollars to fund the expansion. Tuesday, the council plans to vote on allowing an engineering company to start the design phase of the project, which should take about a year to complete.

The city’s engineer, Kim Golden, says that this expansion will allow the plant to meet the city’s current demand. "Everything has a service life, so it was time to look at a comprehensive upgrade of the plant to produce as much as the demand is showing,” says Golden, “but then provide a little bit of room for future growth as well.”

The money is going to add an extra water ‘train,’ which is the pipe that takes in water, filters, and treats it. Currently, the plant operates with two. The city also wants to update some old mechanical features dating back to the 1960s.

Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo says it’s important to keep giving citizens good drinking water while improving technology. “It's very important that our citizens have quality water, and we think that we do, but one of the challenges that cities and villages have is that the water system is aging in addition to the water treatment plant."