Mixed opinions on Tallulah's Confederate monument

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TALLULAH, La. (KNOE) - The Madison Parish Police Jury President and residents share their opinions on Tallulah's Confederate monument.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

"There has not been any questions asked. No discernment brought to me as far as I know, or to anyone in the parish," says Robert Fortenberry, the police jury president. "This represents the history of the south and the memory of the people - some made it, some did not."

Fortenberry defends the statue, saying it should be preserved as a piece of history.

The concrete monument features a young Confederate soldier standing above a Confederate flag.

Some residents say it reminds them of slavery.

"I still think about The Civil War. I think about my great-grandfather and great-grandmother and what they had to go through..." says Tallulah resident, Stanley Ewell. "How they had to get married, had to jump a broom.... You know, it puts me back in slavery time every time I see it."

There are no plans for the Tallulah monument to be removed.