Mississippi cops give drivers the bird

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(CNN) - Police in one Mississippi town handed out more than just traffic citations on Monday. Officers did their part to help out this Thanksgiving season.

Courtesy: CNN, WTVA
Courtesy: CNN, WTVA

“We just wanted to stop you and bless you with a turkey today for Thanksgiving,” says one officer to a driver Sandra Carter. “Can I hug you?” said Carter in response.

Sandra Carter was brought to tears when she realized she wasn’t really being pulled over. She said, “To be honest, my tag is expired. I’ve been out of work for about a month and a half. I said ‘Oh Lord, they’re going to give me a ticket.” Carter is one of several who were pulled over by Saltillo police, only to receive a turkey or other groceries for Thanksgiving.

Last Friday, shoppers at Fred’s, Saltillo Pharmacy, and Food Giant could donate 20 dollars that gave one bag of food to Saltillo Police to give away. Later, Bauhaus Furniture donated a trailer size amount of canned goods.

“That’s great. Policing is not just criminal. It’s also service to our community,” said one officer. And so the giveaway began.

One woman receiving a turkey thought it was wonderful. Samarra Putt said, “growing up in a home where I was not financially able to have Thanksgiving like we wanted to every year, it does mean a lot.”

Carter said, “I have everything I need. A turkey was enough for me.” Saltillo’s Police Chief says they still have food available, and anyone in need can drop by headquarters while supplies last.