Missing bike-riding parrot takes the wrong flight

Published: Nov. 15, 2017 at 10:58 PM CST
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Willow roller skates, talks and rides a bike. The one trick he's not supposed to do is fly.

"I see him go right out the door," Susan Whiteeagle said.

She says her parrot made the grand escape Monday night.

"I couldn't sleep, I was sick to my stomach. I left my porch light on. I kept on calling," Whiteeagle said.

She's had willow for four years and spent thousands of dollars and dozens of hours training her bird buddy. Lucky for Whiteagle, the bird likes to babble. Her neighbor looked up and heard him talking in a tree that was nearly 40 feet off the ground.

"Okay, now we found him, but who's going to get him.?" Whiteeagle said.

Thinking on the fly, she called the fire department.

"They said they couldn't helped me," Whiteeagle said.

She called Pet Rescue too.

"They still haven't called me back. I was desperate," Whiteeagle said.

Her feathers weren't ruffled so she called a tree cutting service.

She thought that idea wouldn't fly, but she wanted a bird in her hand-not in a bush.

"When I got the phone call, something said, help this lady," Troy Cage said.

The Cage family came to the rescue.

"I was thanking the lord. Yes, I was," Whiteeagle said.

She's got nothing but thanks for bringing Willow home to roost.

It was a kind gesture that came with no price.

"It's what God put us here for. Help each other out."

They helped Willow get back to his tricks, and put a feather in their cap.

Whiteagle said she will never leave her door open again while Willow's out of the cage because she just can't go through something like that again.