Millions of Louisianans sit out in State Treasurer election

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Millions of Louisianans chose not to participate in the State Treasurer race this month.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

The Secretary of State's website shows almost three million Louisianans are registered to vote. Only 400,000 of them showed up to the polls. The site also reveals that voter turnout in Ouachita Parish was lower than the statewide average.

While people had every right not to vote in the State Treasurer's election this weekend, some feel there was no excuse. Representative Katrina Jackson says it's shocking, considering everything at stake.

"We're already at a six or seven-year trending deficit, you would think that was enough," says Jackson. "We've already cut higher education, healthcare, economic development, state agencies, child protective services, and we're still not concerned about elections. That's what bothers me."

Jackson says based on the past, voter turnout in the State Treasurer's runoff election is expected to be much lower than the initial turnout. She says when it comes to voter outreach, the Secretary of State should be held more accountable.

"Of course he receives his budget and gives us the priority of his budget and where he thinks money should go and I know times are hard throughout the state, but when you're seeing low voter turnout that must mean you have to do more for voter outreach," says Jackson.

The runoff election between Derrick Edwards (D) and John Schroder (R) is Saturday, November 18th.