Power Church International celebrates Father's Day

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Service today at Power Church International was filled with praise, worship and also thanks for fathers, especially the leader of its house.


Today served as a quick reminder on this Fathers’ Day of what makes them so important. So, members of the church honored their spiritual father.

"A father's position in a household is to direct," Pastor Moses Perkins said. "A father's position in a household is to protect. The father's position in a household is to correct what is not lined up in the way in the household."

Perkins shared why he admires the bishop.

"I have been a member of this family for 16 years. Sixteen years. And, I have watched the angel, the spiritual father of this house. I've watched him dig, watched him scratch, watched him claw. I watched him cry. I've never seen him stop. I've never seen him quit," said Perkins.

For Bishop C.T. Hanchey, this special day also reminds him of his responsibilities as both a natural and spiritual father.

"Father's Day is such an incredible time, because there's honor in Father's Day,” Hanchey said. “But, I think in our time in such a critical moment, fathers which are spiritual leaders, understand how important they are.”

He continued by saying, "I think instead of pastors and preachers and speakers and entertainers, no. It's servant fathers. That's what servants are. They stand in the pulpit, and they offer and feed their children."

Hanchey also knows the enemy is busy too.

"One of the huge attacks the enemy has come against is the family, and fathers play such an important role. But, I see men arising. They came out of broken places, but I see champions arising out of these places. And, I'm proud,” said Hanchey.

For the men who have yet to come out of their broken place, Hanchey offered some advice.

"Time to be strong, stand up. Be the man that God called you be," said Hanchey.

Yet, fathers can't always do it alone. Hanchey asks wives and children to help the fathers as they lead.

"Pray for them. Support them. Cover them, and God's going to bless all that," said Hanchey.

Perkins agrees.

"The father's position is not to take away. The father's position is to empower. It's to give," said Perkins.