Mayoral candidates in West Monroe giving answers at forum

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - It was a room full of West Monroe residents learning what these mayoral candidates are all about and why they're running.

They all answered questions that got them talking about infrastructure, flooding and drainage and how the city can grow.

Some of the questions came from West Monroe High School students. Though, they don't have a hand in who gets the position. They do have concerns.

"Just someone who lives in West Monroe as a teenager is what are they going to do about the Trenton St. area. There's been a debate about what they are going to do with it," Corbin Gulde, a resident, said.

The most talked about concern was water.

There was one issue though voters said wasn't addressed.

"To get the community together. That's one thing that is lacking over here. On one side there are black people on the other side there are white people. It shouldn't be that way," Billye Burns, a resident said.

If you haven't already registered, it's too late to vote in this election.

Early voting starts Saturday, March 10th.