Controversy continues over Monroe mayor giving Louis Farrakhan keys to the city

MONROE, La. (KNOE) - The topic was brought up when Louis Farrakhan's local representative thanked Mayo for being bold enough to honor Farrakhan, but not everyone was on board with the decision.

Protesters are demanding Mayo apologize.

Those protesters say they were offended by the gesture as Farrahakan is labeled the leader of a hate group, The Nation of Islam.

However, the nation's local group in Monroe say they're not a hate group, instead, they teach about love and unity- though they say white people are not welcome to their meetings.

So with the on-going controversy, we still wanted to ask the mayor why he gave the keys to Farrakhan and if he thought this would offend his constituents.

We still didn't get an answer on that, but the mayor had plenty to say about the local media's reporting of the story.

"I've given all the statements I'm going to give about that. And I want people out there on TV land to see what we're up against at this time. We're about to go into 2018, but we still have this going on. And I also know that there's more than just KNOE and some might even be on this council," Mayo said.

Mayo was interviewed by another member of the media, and he still didn't answer why he gave the key to Farrakhan.

So, we still asked.

It's our job to continue to ask these questions and hold people accountable for their actions, especially elected officials.

During the meeting, Mayo also said racism appears to be an issue in the city, which is why he says he wants to have a meeting to address racism in Monroe.
He didn't say when that meeting would happen.