Mayo, police chief: "Monroe is not the most dangerous city"

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - On Monday, Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo and Police Chief Eugene Ellis announced that Monroe is not the most dangerous city in the country, as reported by Neighborhood Scout, last week.

Monroe Crime Data
Monroe Crime Data

At a press briefing, Ellis said, "Monroe is not the most dangerous city in the nation. We are not."

According to the CEO of Neighborhood Scout, Andrew Shilling it is. He said their website used information from the FBI's 2016 crime statistics, which is the most recent year available. Ellis said the 2017 statistics have been submitted to the FBI, but it takes a while for the information to be made public. He said the website could have called his office and found out the most recent numbers. Ellis said using old data is not fair.

"They're flawed, they're using flawed information and we are going to get to the bottom of it on the 22nd, " he said.

Ellis also said there are two primary points that debunked the website's information. He said the website used data from more than just Monroe to come up with Monroe's ranking.

"They used not the city of Monroe crime data, but they used areas in the circumference of the Monroe metropolitan area," Ellis said.

Schiller said that's not the case."Our maps show census tracts assigned to a city for visual purposes."

He said the violent crime data the website used comes from the city. Schiller said the only numbers added where from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He said anytime they do this study, they get these reactions from cities that are the most dangerous.

"The most dangerous list is a list that communities do not wish to find themselves, so year end and year out they try to debunk the data, but eventually facts win," Schiller said.

Chief Ellis said "If they used what they said is the most current information and we compared what they used, the numbers that they gave, to the numbers that we gave to the FBI and none of the numbers matched. Every number that they used were wrong."

The city has scheduled a meeting next Thursday at 11 a.m. to further discuss why they say the website's information is incorrect.