Louisiana Tech students take part in the March for our Lives

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RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - Louisiana Tech students held their own March For Our Lives this Saturday.

Dozens of students marched from campus to the Ruston Civic Center, demanding legislators make changes to gun laws.

They said their focus should be on school, but lately it's been the fear of guns in their classrooms.

Students say they want people to see that the call for gun reform is also happening in Louisiana, not just Washington D.C. They say they're happy to be joining the national movement, bringing voices to Northeast Louisiana.

"The fact that it's a national movement just helps give us confidence in what we're doing,” Ethan Sherrer says. “We know that we're not just some pocket in Louisiana that thinks this. We know that our whole generation is supporting us when we demand safer environments for us."

"We're really excited that Tech allowed us to do this,” Destin Shimer says. “We know that it's kind of a risk to have a bunch of random kids in a group walking downtown, but we recognize that Tech is a place for free speech and they secure it and the guarantee it.”

“The fact that they provided police presence here to protect us is really important and we're happy and we're thankful," Shimer says.

Campus police were nearby during the walk. They say they heard of possible counter-protests, however there weren't any on campus.