Man to cut 4-year-old beard to raise money for boys with a genetic disorder

Published: Feb. 5, 2018 at 6:28 PM CST
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A Winnsboro man, who's been growing his beard for years, is now planning to cut it off for a good cause.

William Bland had been growing his beard ever since he left the Marine Corps four years ago.

"I was really tired of shaving my face," said Bland.

But now he has a change of heart.

And because of his heart, he just couldn't go without helping two Columbia boys with an unknown genetic disorder.

"Being a parent ourself, you feel sorry and wish you could do anything you could to help," said Bland.

Doctors are trying to figure out what condition three-year-old Noah and one-year-old Josiah have.

Their mom, Meghan Duckett, says they've gone through a number of tests, but doctors still can't say what's wrong.

"They have never seen anything like my boys;” said Duckett. “We have done highest level of genetic testing available and there's just no results."

So Bland decided to help the family the best way he could, by raising money and shaving his beard.

"Instead of just shaving this beard that I'm so fond of just for nothing, why not try to turn this into a fundraiser and help this family out,” said Bland. “The Lord has blessed us to be able to reach a lot of people and hopefully this does too."

Bland and his wife set up a YouCaring account with a goal to reach $10,000.

Bland says he will shave off his beard if the fundraising goal is met.

The boys' mom says she's grateful.

"The boys have a lot of expenses just between medicine and doctor visits, travel and therapy and then their equipment and stuff. You know insurance doesn't cover a lot of that. So when people offer to help us, it's a big relief," said Duckett.

A relief that can go a long way especially when it's coming from the heart.

"The smallest thing can mean the most to some people," said Bland.

Here's the link if you'd like to donate →