Malta Family thankful for St. Francis NICU

MONROE, La (KNOE) The Malta family is tickled to be playing, laughing and having fun. Because on March 27, 2018, there weren’t many smiles. Only worry.

“It feels like a bit of whirlwind but at that moment they came to me and said we’re about to lay him[Slade] on your chest. Your husband’s gone out to get your little boy because you’re not going to see him for a while. It’s kinda scary. That’s not what you really want to hear the first time that you have your baby,” said Sylver Malta, mother little Slade.

Sylver Malta and husband Anthony discovered within minutes of Slade’s birth, that the little man had underdeveloped lungs and heart.

“He had ASD and VSD which are holes in his heart. We still have that top one. And he had pericardial effusion which is fluid around the membrane of his heart,” said Malta.

“At one point are we going to have to write an obituary for our child,” said Anthony Malta.

For two weeks, Slade’s condition was critical. But through it all, the Malta’s had peace.

“I felt this level of comfort cause I knew he was in good hands,” said Sylver Malta.

“They were good about helping you along but giving you hope but painting a realistic picture as well,” said Anthony Malta, Slade’s father.

Slade still has two holes in his heart. Doctors say he’ll likely have to have surgery when he’s three years old to repair those. But until then, it’s hugs and kisses and gratitude that this family had the high-level care at the St. Francis NICU and they didn’t have to travel to a bigger city or another hospital.

“The fact that we had this facility here in Monroe,” said Anthony.

“The staff was so wonderful. The doctors were wonderful. Every time we walked in they were hugging us and praying with us, everybody was just fantastic,” said Sylver Malta.

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