Makeup tips for your young student

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Katelynn Cummings, 13, is getting all made up for school.

Katelynn Cummings, 13, gets her makeup done by Tayler Menefee, owner of Makeup by T Menefee.

She said, "You want to look good because you don't want to look bad in front of everybody."

The 8th grader is constantly in front of people because she is the cheer captain for Calhoun Middle School.

"When I put on makeup it kind of makes me feel better because it covers up acne and stuff," Katelynn said.

Makeup artist Tayler Menefe, owner of Makeup by T Menefee, showed the teen how to properly wear makeup.

Menefee said, "Makeup can be a wonderful thing if you don't overdo it or sometimes if you don't underdo it."

The makeup artist started by priming the 13 year old's face, which is an important step so the makeup stays on all day. Menefee then adds foundation followed by concealer, another important product.

"Concealer is really great, especially when you're younger and you experience breakouts. Concealer is really great to cover those up. It really helps with pores," Menefee explained.

Once the base products were on, Menefee set it all in using a powder. She then filled in the teen's eyebrows, added eye shadow, and topped it off with blush. And after a few strokes of the makeup brush, the makeup artist finished the look by once again setting it all in.

One big major tip Menefee gives is to avoid "cake face".

She said, "That's whenever you apply your foundation and maybe it's a little too dark, maybe you've applied it a little more heavy-handed and your makeup kind of looks like it's caking up on your face, like it's swelling on your face."

"Cake face" wasn't a problem for Cummings. Once Menefee finished the teen's look, the cheer captain was ready to face the crowd and cheer her school's teams to victory.

The local makeup artist said people should know makeup is not necessary, but rather a tool that can be used if you need it or want to use it.