MCSB voted to pull Excellence Academy's charter, again

MONROE, LA (KNOE) The Monroe City School Board voted to stick with its decision to not renew the charter for Excellence Academy Tuesday afternoon.
This follows a report saying the school wasn't meeting standards.

"I expected the board to make a political decision that's why we filed a written mandamus in the district court to get in front of a judge, who won't go on political views, but will go on what the law says," Excellence Academy's Executive Director, Roosevelt Wright Jr. said.

He hopes a judge will order the school board to grant its charter for another year, saying its meeting all school board regulations.

Those regulations include organization and financial standards. It must also have a letter grade of a 'D' or better, which the report says it didn't have.

"All the board members had an open mind about this," said the school board's president, Rodney McFarland. "We took all of the information in."

Excellence Academy's lawyers said it's not enough and they're confident a judge will rule in their favor and reinstate the charter.
But, as far as the board is concerned it's a final decision.

McFarland said parents should start enrolling children in another local school.
But, Wright said to sit tight.

"You had faith in us when we came, and we are fighting this out. And, it ain't over until the good Lord says it's over," said Wright.

According to the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the school can not operate without it's charter.

As for parents, if the charter does not have it's doors open by this school year, there's no deadline to enroll your child into another school.