Louisiana's Attorney General talks with private companies about partnering during disasters

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Louisiana’s Attorney General Jeff Landry is in the nation’s capital this week. He is attending the annual Attorneys General conference to discuss a number of topics like fighting the opioid epidemic and improving criminal justice reform.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry sits on a panel with business leaders to discuss how government and private companies can work together before, during and after disasters. (Source: Gray DC)

At the top of Landry’s list—help communities and businesses plan better when they are hit by a natural disaster.

“You have people that are devastated. I mean, emotionally. They don’t know where they’re next meal is going to come from," said Onebane.

Neal Onebane is Founder and President of Krispy Krunchy Chicken, founded in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The company provided thousands of meals to disaster victims, 12,000 meals alone in Hurricane Michael’s devastating aftermath.

“It’s one of those opportunities that we have to give back to the community," said Onebane.

But businesses like Krispy Krunchy Chicken cannot lend a hand unless they have the support of state and local governments.

They need permits to serve food and approvals to get resources to victims and first responders.

Onebane teamed up with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry at the conference to talk about the importance of that partnership.
Landry knows this all too well.

“In Louisiana, we unfortunately have a lot of experience with a lot of major disasters," said Landry.

As President of the National Association of Attorneys General, he released an updated blueprint to help Attorneys General be better equipped to respond to crises like mass shootings and disasters.

“How do you best control that chaos? How do you triage the situations? Once you get them medical attention, where do you go after?” said Landry.

Landry hopes his peers will use this update guide to help them when future disasters strike.

The conference for the Attorneys General ended on Wednesday.

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