Louisiana sends emergency workers to Florida for Michael

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Louisiana is sending dozens of emergency personnel, along with boats, ambulances and other equipment to Florida to help with the response to Hurricane Michael.

The state emergency preparedness office announced the assistance Wednesday, shortly before the storm roared ashore.

The emergency workers include ambulance teams coordinated by the Louisiana health department, search-and-rescue workers from the fire marshal's office, firefighters, medics and a helicopter team from the Louisiana National Guard. The assistance, for which Louisiana will be reimbursed, is coordinated through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact system.

Meanwhile, Entergy says its Louisiana subsidiaries are sending 170 employees and contractors to help Florida restore power lost to Michael.

Florida's state government reports at least 191,000 homes and businesses without power since Michael's 155-mile-an-hour winds began making themselves felt.

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