Louisiana pecan harvesting season set back from bad weather

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) The Louisiana pecan industry is struggling this season due to the wet weather and cold temperatures.

"Pecans don't make as much, as well as they're supposed to," said Dale Stone from the Louisiana Baptist Children's Home, where they grow pecans.

The pecan industry as a whole has also been taking a hit after Hurricane Michael hit Georgia. Georgia is the biggest pecan-producing state.

Severe flooding in Texas, and other weather events in several other states are also factors for the industry's shortfall this season. It's been causing buyers to look elsewhere.

Stone says, "Our handlers here, our shellers that buy the pecans, have actually been buying pecans from South Africa to try and make up for the shortfall that we're having here this year."

"It sort of stiffened prices," said Abraham Lincoln from the Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company, LLC. His business has been fairing despite the shortage.

"Our prices in our retail shop is the same as it has been for the last four years. We have not gone up even though we've had bad crops. We kept the prices the same," Lincoln said.

Experts say pecan prices were also affected when China pulled back on purchases due to the high tariffs.