Louisiana man aims to spread positivity with street corner sign

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB)- You may have noticed a guy standing near the intersection of Jackson and Macarthur with a sign, but he's not doing what you may think he is. Sean Davis has been standing on the street corner for the last two days with a sign that says "You matter. You are important. Don't give up."

Source: KALB

Davis says he's tired of all the negativity going around- in the community and especially on social media- so he decided to do something to bring people positivity.

He says he hopes to put a smile on every driver's face and wants to remind everyone that we all have someone who looks up to us- even when it doesn't always feel like it. He says he got some negative reactions at first from people who thought he was panhandling, but overall the reaction has been mostly positive, with one driver even stopping to give him a hug.

"I'm nobody special. I just wanted to see a change and I hope that what I'm doing inspires somebody else to just talk to a stranger. You might be their saving light. You might be the one who keeps them from going over the edge. That's all I want. I want more love in our town,” says Davis.

The wording on Davis' sign is in blue and purple, which are mental health and suicide prevention colors. Davis is involved with two local non-profit organizations but says the positivity sign is something he decided to do on his own, to spread the love.

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