Louisiana Tech is cracking down on hazing

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RUSTON, La (KNOE) - Louisiana Tech University isn't playing around when it comes to hazing on its campus.
The school has a zero-tolerance hazing policy.

"A lot of times, the sociological and the mental harm that you do to someone," said Samuel Speed, Dean of Student Engagement.

"Anytime you're asking someone to go through any type of undue process to belong to an organization is dangerous and unnecessary. They shouldn't be a part of our student organization."

And student leaders make sure those policies and attitudes are enforced.

"We make sure that we're working really closely to student leadership. Helping them understand the importance of accountability."

Payton Mangham is the head of several fraternities at Tech.
He's also a member of Delta Chi Fraternity who says hazing isn't part of what fraternities and sororities stand for.
"The whole point of a fraternity is to make better men," said Mangham.

"And you don't have to force someone to do that. You have to lead by a good example and see how the fraternity effected you and made you a better person."

He says the focus here should be on education.

"The main factor of hazing is people not knowing," said Mangham

He says some greek organizations on campus host anti-hazing meetings to teach people how to recognize when something is wrong.

Officials even suggest parents get involved to make sure your child is safe.

"Make sure they report anything they are uncomfortable with," said Speed.

Governor John Bel Edwards is also weighing in on the matter.
He's asked Louisiana colleges and universities to review their hazing policies.

He even hints at possible changes to policies if it's needed.