Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards works on a plan to impose work requirements on some Medicaid recipients

LOUISIANA (KNOE) - More than one million people in Louisiana are on Medicaid.

It appears this is something both aisles are working toward after Gov. Edwards said his administration is "actively working" on this concept.
Lawmakers said the plan is to out to help low-income families.

"I think they want that. I've really talked to no one who doesn't want to better themselves, and this is a wonderful opportunity to do that," Ralph Abraham, LA Congressman, said.

Political analysts said forcing people off of health insurance isn't the help they need right now.

"Let's focus on the education. Let's focus on education. Let's focus on childcare then, let's talk about work requirements," Joshua Stockley, Associate Professor of Political Science at ULM, said.

The governor said it would impose work requirements on able-bodied adult recipients.
But, who would be considered able-bodied?

Their plan doesn't include pregnant women, the elderly or those with disabilities, or college students.

"I don't think it would change. We know that certainly the elderly can't work. We don't want them to work," Stockley said.

For everyone else--Edwards wants work requirements to be reasonable, which is why he's working with a consultant firm on his proposal.
Now that Edwards has the green light to push these requirements, it's a waiting game to what's created and when it goes into effect.