Lost dog reunites with family after 8 years

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OUACHITA PARISH, La, (KNOE) - Jasper is finally with his family after being missing for eight years. The pup somehow found himself all the way in Houston.

"We were so surprised to know that he's still alive and how was he in Houston?” said Tiffany Hendry, Jasper's owner.

Hendry says Jasper reunited with them Friday night after an unexpected phone call.

"We get a phone call from Houston SPCA, which is a shelter, that they have our dog, Jasper," Hendry said.

"Come to find out the people who had found him in West Monroe eventually moved to Houston and I don't think that they could take care of him anymore and so they dropped him at that shelter," said Hendry.

The reunion was made possible because the Hendry's had microchipped Jasper.

Microchips are inserted under a pet's skin with registered information that can track them to their owners in case they're lost or stolen.

Hendry found jasper nine years ago after their other dog was stolen. That's why Matthew Hendry decided to get Jasper microchipped in case he went missing too. Little did he know how important that microchip would be.

"Chip your animals,” said Matthew Hendry. “You just never know. Hopefully, it'll give some people a glimmer of hope. Maybe they'll see one of their lost animals again."

After eight years, things are little different with Jasper since last time they saw him.

"He's a bit bigger, so we're going to go on a diet," Matthew Hendry said.

"That's his New Year's Resolution, to lose weight," said Tiffany Hendry.

He also has to cope with a host of other animals.

"We have four dogs, 11 chickens, two goats, six horses, which only three are here right now, two barn cats and one inside cat," Tiffany Hendry said.

But one thing hasn't changed. He remembers his family and where home really is.

The Hendry's say Facebook helped them actually bring Jasper from Houston to Monroe.

If your pet isn't microchipped, the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter offers them for ten dollars.