Local man out on early release goes back to jail

Published: Nov. 14, 2017 at 12:11 AM CST
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A local inmate released early to cut the prison population is arrested again, within a week. Rory Lacroix is among the 1,900 inmates to be released early. The program is designed to lower the states high prison population.

According to the Winn Parish Sheriff's Office, LaCroix was serving time in Jackson Parish after being accused of robbing his next door neighbor. His mother, Lynn Ashley, called for LaCroix to get arrested. She said she had no choice.

"Every time he goes back. Every time. He is a career criminal," Ashley said.

Ashley says her son has been in and out of jail more than 10 times since he was 18-years-old. He was arrested for petty thefts.

"I kept asking him why and he said he needed some money. I said that was the point of the job," Ashley said.

A job is something Sheriff Cranford Jordan said is hard for inmates to get once they get out due to their record or they just don't have any skill sets. So, he says the program wasn't the best way the state could have tried to save money.

"Punishment must be swift and sure. Now, it's a joke," Jordon said.

Ashley and Jordan both say they understand the state had to make decisions to get a grip on the budget crisis, but now this release has people spending more money on the local level.

"Locally will have to house them and retry them," Jordan said.

It could also mean more criminals on the street.

" Just because they say it's a non-violent crime, you still have a victim of that crime," Jordan said.

And, it's putting families in more pain.

"I pray all the time for him, but you have to want it. You do. And he doesn't."

The sheriff and Ashley plan to talk with lawmakers to see how the program can be re-evaluated.