Monroe area groups help feed those in need for Thanksgiving

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Many local organizations came together this Thanksgiving to make sure that no one goes hungry for the holiday.

Feed the Forgotten, spearheaded by chef Justin Ward, handed out meals, hygiene kits, snack bags and clothing under the I-20 bridge. Ward says they fed hundreds of people at their bridge location, along with catering food at the Salvation Army.

Ward says everything he does is to help people. "We just want people to know that someone else cares. When I was younger people looked out for me. I didn't have everything I wanted, and people came and said 'hey take this.' If people can bless me like that, I can turn around and do the same thing," says Ward.

Ward says this is the third year they've fed people on Thanksgiving and they've expanded to feeding people on other holidays throughout the year as well. He says you can volunteer by giving him a call at (318) 557-5705.

Meanwhile, at the Salvation Army, meals were served to many people in need. People there say it's all about being with people who care. "It's good to be able to wake up and see another Thanksgiving, being around people who love you. Being homeless is a difficult thing, so I'm just thankful to get a meal and a place to sleep," says Norman Crosby.

For Granny's Soup Kitchen, they never thought they'd serve meals this Thanksgiving after an 18-wheeler crashed into the building a few weeks ago. "I thought we'd be down for a while. It must've taken us a week to get back into serving things, and although we're not doing it like we traditionally do, we're still doing it," says Patricia Johnson, President of Granny's Soup Kitchen.

The Calvary Baptist Church in West Monroe donated the meals to the soup kitchen to help them get back on their feet. "God has blessed us so tremendously we just figured we could be a blessing to others," says Angelica Watts from the Calvary Baptist Church.

Summer Marshall is thankful for a lot, but today she's thankful for Granny's Soup Kitchen and the Calvary Baptist Church. "Coming to a place like this gives you a reason to be thankful for the things you think you don't have in life," says Marshall. "But I woke up today, I'm very blessed, they're very blessed, and we're going to go eat together as a small community family."

For Granny's Soup Kitchen, they'll continue doing what they've always done. "Feeding is what we do and we not only feed the body, but we try to feed the soul as well," says Johnson.