Local beekeeper makes a buzz on social media

VIDALIA, LA (KNOE) Byron Chester keeps a buzzing hand.
He posted a video on Facebook Tuesday that has gotten more than four million views and thousands of comments.

Chester has been working with bees since he was 18.
He says his love for bees grows with every shift.
He even has honeycomb tattooed on his arm.

"I'm just different you know."

He's the only one at the farm brave enough to grab a handful of bees.

"He's my brother. He does crazy stuff like that," said his co-worker and brother, Joshua Chester.

But, he says he's not crazy.
He just wants to get his message out.

"Save the bees. And learn about the bees. Because they are very important," he said.

And, not just for honey.

"It's like water, you need water to survive. And the bees the flowers, everything needs bees to pollinate."

The bee population is declining.
A study by the University of Vermont says there's been a 23% decline within the bee population in the U.S.

"So be friendly."

Chester encourages everyone to consider beekeeping on your own.
In the meantime, if you see the viral video, he wants you to remember:

"This is not a bee challenge."