Local animal rescue group making room in NELA for animals displaced by Barry

Rescue groups here in Northeast Louisiana are preparing to take in pets that were displaced...
Rescue groups here in Northeast Louisiana are preparing to take in pets that were displaced from Tropical Storm Barry. (KNOE) -(KNOE)
Published: Jul. 15, 2019 at 5:52 AM CDT
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The Rescue Life is a pet rescue group out of West Monroe. The group flies animals from overcrowded animal shelters here in Northeast Louisiana to other states before they are euthanized.

Shannon Hagan is the founder of The Rescue Life. She says she'll be bringing about 30 pets from her rescue group to Acadiana Animal Aid in Lafayette Parish. Hagan says Acadiana Animal Aid and Wings of Rescue are sending about 300 animals out to shelters in Washington state.

"It frees up so much room, my foster homes are free, down south's foster homes are free," says Hagan. "And we can take in those animals that may just be in a crate right now because that's the only place they can go."

She says due to Tropical Storm Barry, she expects shelters and rescue groups will need to take in a lot more pets from South Louisiana. She says the stray population will definitely be affected.

Hagan says in rescue's past, it's an emergency situation after these storms.

"I'm talking about water up to your waist, dogs swimming," explains Hagan. "You go in there and grab animals and bring them back to your facility which you hope is going to be safe."

Monday, July 15 and Tuesday, July 16th are both Amazon Prime Days, and Acadiana Animal Aid and The Rescue Life are both listed as charities that you can donate to when you check out on Prime Day.