Lincoln Parish school teachers could get social media policy

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LINCOLN PARISH, La. (KNOE) - The Lincoln Parish School Board Office rolled out a new policy before starting a new school year this Fall. The guideline "Employee Guide to Social Media" gives workers the do's and don't's of online interaction.

Lincoln Parish School Board introduces new possible social media policy.
Lincoln Parish School Board introduces new possible social media policy.

Lisa Bastion is the assistant superintendent. She said it is important to see their schools adapt and grow. Bastion said they understand people communicate through social media, so they wanted to make sure it was done decently for their employees.

"We are saying that you may use your social media on your off time while you're at school," she said. "We want to make sure that students see positive things though."

The three-page booklet of rules and regulations explains what employees are allowed to post and do while working for the system. The policy states employees can not make negative comments or posts about students, student's families or co-workers. It also says employees cannot post statuses with profanity or indecent photos. Another rule is that employees cannot be friends with or follow students online.

One parent says, "As long as they are treating the children right and doing what's best for the children," she does not mind what the employees do outside of work as long as it is legal.

"Whatever the teachers do on their own time is okay, because their social life is their social life," the parent added.

Bastion says they have the student's best interests at heart. She says she knows students use social media and "Many of them use it for positive things and many of them use it for not so positive things."

She said they want to make sure their students see their teachers online the same way they do in the classroom. If an employee violates the policy, they could be fired.

"It's going to hold people accountable even myself, of what we put on social media," Bastion added.

The Lincoln Parish School Board has a month to study it before they vote.