Lexington Elementary School hosts career day

Published: Apr. 30, 2019 at 9:02 AM CDT
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It's never too early to encourage kids to think about what they want to do for a living when they grow up.

At Lexington elementary in Monroe, several professionals from the area talked to the second graders about their jobs.

KNOE’s own Tammi Arender was invited to talk about what it takes to be a newscaster and reporter.

There were also policemen, veterinarians, a zookeeper, nurses, doctors and architects there to talk about their professions.

Some of the kids dressed up as what they want to be when they're adults.

"I've had several conversations and lessons with the kids about jobs and careers that one day they'll be an adult that they need to have a job they wake up and go to every day to make themselves useful and helpful to other people," said April Shannon, Lexington Elementary Librarian.

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