Lexi Cannon of West Monroe spent three months in the St. Francis NICU.

MONROE, La (KNOE) Lexi Cannon is a sophomore at West Monroe High School.
She’s part of the choir.

“Music is important. It’s my God given talent and I use it for Him,” said Lexi Cannon.

This young lady came into this world on a song and prayer. She was 4 months, not weeks, months early. Weighing one pound 13 ounces.

“We were scared to death. We realized when she was gonna come that night, we were like it’s gonna happen,” said Kaye Cannon.

Kaye Cannon is Lexi’s grandmother and guardian. She said it was touch and go with Lexi for months. 70 days on a ventilator and nearly 90 days in the St. Francis Neo Natal intensive care unit.

“We had to put her not only in God’s hands but also the people who were going to take care of her at St. Francis,” said Cannon.

Many of the doctors and nurses that tended to Lexi are still at the St. Francis NICU. For Dr. Carmen Payne, it’s an emotional reunion. To see how far she’s come from how fragile she was on August 25, 2002.

“It crossed my mind the first few days she might not make it. She’s a fighter. She struggled day to day. She fought to make it and here she is,” said Dr. Payne.

It’s no surprise that Lexi is musically talented. Dr. Payne encourages the NICU staff to play classical music in the newborns' isolettes. So that song and a prayer that welcomed Lexi into this world have shaped her into the young woman she is today.

“I really think that God was the main reason I was able to survive to make it through this and flourish the way that I have,” said Lexi.

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