Lethal ‘gray death’ found in another Louisiana parish

The Eunice City Marshal's Office reported an arrest in which the suspect was allegedly found in possession of gray death. The arrest marks the second Louisiana parish where the drug has been found in recent weeks. (Source: Eunice City Marshal's Office)

(WAFB) - The drug known as gray death was found in another Louisiana parish.

The first arrest in St. Landry Parish for possession of the drug was reported Thursday, Feb. 5. Just a week earlier, deputies reported arrests for possession of the drug in St. Mary Parish.

Gray death is a drug combination consisting of heroin, fentanyl, and other deadly opioids.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) joined the growing list of law enforcement agencies stressing the importance of members of the public familiarizing themselves with the appearance of the deadly drug.

A DEA spokeswoman was unable to confirm any on-going federal investigations into the source of the drug in the state, but did tell WAFB there is concern about the drug being trafficked across state lines.

For now, law enforcement agencies report the response to the drug’s continued and seemingly growing presence in the state is increasing awareness.

“Grey Death is a highly lethal drug, especially to law enforcement officers. Just touching or inhaling this stuff can kill you,” reported the Eunice City Marshal’s Office. “Everyone needs to read up on this. You wouldn’t want your kids accidentally touching this.”

Ohio Officer Chris Green overdosed on gray death after a traffic stop in 2017, according to WNDU.

A Snopes article also suggests that claims of the potential lethality of the drug should be taken seriously, with officials likening the substance to flour that could be accidentally inhaled.

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